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Building a long lasting relationship with our valuable patrons, through these robust, reliable and quality-driven products! Our offering products are Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wires, Copper Alloy Wires, Heat Resistant Wires, Wire Ropes, Wire Basket and more...
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Finding a product of unparalleled quality seems to be impossible in the world of today, right? Well not exactly. Winning the trust of a wide number of clients across the globe, Longmetal Industry Co., Ltd. is providing some of the finest array of metal wires and their related products. Established in the year 2012 as a Manufacturer, Trader and Exporter, our firm owes it's success to the dedication, perseverance and commitment put in by every member of our organization. From Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wires, Stainless Steel Springs, Nickel Based Welding Wires to Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Hose and Fe Based Nanocrystalline Ribbons, one has a wide line of goods to choose from. Known to have a good processing performance and welding technological properties, another characteristic of such goods are their low resistivity properties. Regular checks and measures are carried out by us, so as to guarantee our clients about the quality and safety aspect of the products that we provide. We carry out processes like melting, hot rolling, cold drawing and others to shape wire & wire products in the size range of 0.03mm-10mm. We are exporting to Canada, Germany, Italy, Korea, South America, UK, Malaysia, USA and other countries.
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Wire Rope
Wire Rope is a line of numerous strands of metal wire that is twined into a helix forming rope in pattern called 'laid rope'. Wire with large diameter consisting multiple strands of laid rope in pattern is named as 'cable laid'. It is used for lifting and hoisting purposes in cranes and elevators for transferring mechanical power. High strength of rope makes it capable to support extremely large tensile forces for running sheaves with comparatively low diameters.
EMI Wire Mesh Shielding
EMI Wire Mesh Shielding is tremendously used as a protective covering in electrical and magnetic fields. This offered heat resistant wire is hugely appreciated for its high shielding performance in electronic and electrical industry. Availability in diverse specifications makes it apt to be used in several areas be it exhaust systems and air-conditioners. Precise construction and simple installation service makes offered shielding wire foremost choice.
Knitted Wire Mesh
Knitted Wire Mesh is a synthetic, ceramic or a metal wire that is knitted into a mesh of numerous interlocking loops. This particular is majorly used in industrial and other applications due to its striking features such as resilient, flexibility, strong build and excellent corrosion-resistance. From getting widely utilized as liquid-gas filtration materials in several industries, engine breathers in vehicles, shielding mesh in electronics, cleaning kitchenware and other mechanical parts, offered wire is used in almost every industrial operation.
Woven Wire Mesh
Woven Wire Mesh find extensive usage in architectural applications from cladding to balustrade infills. Stairwell panel guards, gutter guards, bird screens, RFI shielding are few out of many applications of offered woven wire cloth. Availability in numerous specifications, from 3mesh x 3mesh Wire gauge (14), 6.27 (Aperture in mm) to 400mesh x 400mesh wire gauge (50), 0.0385 (Aperture in mm), from our end makes offered mesh most common used wire cloth in several industries.