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Wire Mesh

A mesh is similar to that of a barrier made of attached strands of fiber, metal and diverse other ductile materials. It can be related to a web or a net that has various interwoven strands. Amongst diverse types of meshes, the most common and frequently used one is no other but Wire Mesh. This wire is corrosion-resistant, carries high tensile strength and accurate spacing between strands. To create this mesh, a series of parallel longitudinal wires with equal spacing between strands are joined together. Technologically updated machines are needed to design and develop Mesh with precise dimensional control.

Applications Of Wire Mesh:

  • They are utilized in making security fences and cages
  • For many industrial works, meshes made up of steel and other ductile materials of wire are used
  • Suitable for building insect mesh products such as rabbit netting, aviary mesh, bird feeder mesh and much more.
  • For making gas cylinder cages, tree guards and vehicle ramps, offered mesh is apt to use
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Knitted Wire Mesh

Price: 50.00 - 100.00 USD ($)/Roll

Knitted Wire Mesh is a synthetic, ceramic or a metal wire that is knitted into a mesh of numerous interlocking loops. This particular is majorly used in industrial and other applications due to its striking features such as resilient, flexibility, strong build and excellent corrosion-resistance. From getting widely utilized as liquid-gas filtration materials in several industries, engine breathers in vehicles, shielding mesh in electronics, cleaning kitchenware and other mechanical parts, offered wire is used in almost every industrial operation.

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Knitted Wire Mesh Gasket

Price: 50.00 - 100.00 USD ($)/Roll

Knitted Wire Mesh Gasket is widely used in electrical and electronic field for shielding and grounding purposes. They are without any glimpse of doubt are considered by people most cost-effective solution for rendering high shielding performance in all the electrical and magnetic fields. High heat & corrosion resistance makes offered gasket perfect to be used in Catalytic Converters, Air Condition Units and Exhaust Systems. Availability in diverse materials such as AISI 302, 316, 304, steel, Tinned Bronze, Aluminum, Copper and sizes like 0.03mm to 0.8mm (Diameter), 22mm to 600mm(Width) and numerous loops makes offered gasket a apt product to invest money in.

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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Price: 50.00 - 100.00 USD ($)/Roll

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh having excellent corrosion-resistance, is perfect to be used for both internal and external applications. For screening and sorting abrasives, processing foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, insect mesh products, fencing, animal caging and other industrial operations, offered wire find extensive usage. Easy to install, this is apt to be used for sieving, filtering and separation and other industrial uses. We offer wire in diverse Type 316, Type 304 standard and premium T-316 stainless steel wire used made wire.

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Woven Wire Mesh

Price: 50.00 - 100.00 USD ($)/Roll

Woven Wire Mesh find extensive usage in architectural applications from cladding to balustrade infills. Stairwell panel guards, gutter guards, bird screens, RFI shielding are few out of many applications of offered woven wire cloth. Availability in numerous specifications, from 3mesh x 3mesh Wire gauge (14), 6.27 (Aperture in mm) to 400mesh x 400mesh wire gauge (50), 0.0385 (Aperture in mm), from our end makes offered mesh most common used wire cloth in several industries.